2016, what a year!  I cried a lot watching the news. Brexit, Trump, terror attacks – so many deaths of both ordinary and famous people. 2016 sucked.  But there were major contrasts between national and global news and my own personal life.  It was personally a life-changing year in so many ways.    


1.       February – I went on maternity leave knowing it might be the last time I would work full-time in a school again.  I wanted and chose to see my own kids grow up. 

2.       April saw the birth of my baby – I was worried a new baby would drop a bomb on our perfect little unit but our family feels complete with our two boys who adore each other.  

3.       July we relocated to Dorset from London – I’m a born and bred Londoner but the transience and stress of the city were no longer for us with a young family. We wanted more for our children. It’s the best move we ever made.  We are so close to the beach, not far from the forest, have some family and friends just around the corner. We have strong social interactions again! 

4.       I struggled to do any exercise in London. I was so busy at work the only thing I had time for was to get home and see my boy and hubby. Now I am part of a swimming club and set up a maternity/paternity cycling club!  I lost my pregnancy weight within a few months! bike-beach

5.       November I officially left my job as a senior leader and left teaching but have reinvented myself as a business woman! I started the process of setting up my own coaching & consultancy company. I’ve got my professional mojo back!


6.       December hubby had resigned (KS5 co-ordinator for maths). He is going to set up business as a maths & physics tutor.  We decided to share parenting and both work flexibly so we can actually watch our young family grow up, enjoy living in glorious Dorset and work when we want to, how we want to and love it!  

What am I looking forward to in 2017? Well, lots!

1.       Watching my kids grow and develop Watching my business grow & develop!

2.       Embarking on the Level 7 Executive Coaching & Mentoring Certificate at Oxford Brooke’s University 

3.       Being part of the Diverse Leaders programme as a coach

4.       Teachmeet Southampton, Portsmouth Leicester!

5.       Being 10% braver and not only attending WomenEd conferences but facilitating workshops in Oxford & Coventry and presenting in Bristol!  

6.       Actually having a work/life balance this year.   

With the start of 2017, hubby and I should be terrified. We both start the year without a stable job.  However, we are excited. Excited to spend more time with our kids. Excited to spend more time as a family. Excited with both our new ventures.   

2016 was the best year of my life, and I know that 2017 will be better.

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