Our first six weeks as self-employed.  We are doing pretty well. Better than I thought we would be. Hubby and I quit teaching and in my case I never went back after maternity leave. Over Christmas we had a three week break – a mixture of excitement, celebration then eagerness to get going. Hubby then started canvassing for some students to tutor and I was waiting to hear from a number of sources that I had looked in to for getting work. 

In the last 6 weeks, our weekly routine has transformed: 

1.       Hubby tutors four students every week. He is relishing the joy as a tutor – simply spending time preparing for and delivering lessons.  He has even scheduled in time to take some lessons himself in chess, his obsession (something he has wanted to do for years).

2.       I’ve started my ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring Certificate and am in the middle of writing my first assignment.

3.     I have attended the Diverse Leaders Coaches workshop and am looking forward to meeting my coachees soon.

4.       I have facilitated an NPQSL workshop at the IOE and sent off my first invoice as a businesswoman!

5.       I’ve taken on a coachee through WomenEd/DFE coaching pledge, which is exciting and rewarding.

6.       I have been contacted by a couple of high profile organisations about delivering training to middle and senior leaders.

7.       We spend more time together as a family.

8.       We spend more time together as a couple.


With the help of my coach Charmaine Roche I realise that I don’t need to do everything now. I have always been pretty organised, using a variety of list techniques over the years – must do, should do, could do then on to Stephen Covey’s technique. But in my last job due to the head teacher’s demands everything was important & urgent. Lists became obsolete. It became impossible to prioritise. Working at that level for over 6 months almost ruined me but I also got used to it. 

Now I realise actually, I don’t need to do my course, design my website, create training packages, canvass for coaching clients and do some consultancy all now, now, now! What is the hurry? I can take my time. I can concentrate on getting my assignments done and let the paid work come to me, which it already is. 


Everyday we feel like we are on holiday and can’t believe our lives. We work together to plan out our week cordoning off time for each other to work, study and spend time with the kids. This time with the kids is a revelation because it is dedicated. We are participating, we are actively engaged. Hubby now reads to our eldest every day – he’s never done that before. He never had energy. I no longer feel guilty being away from the kids as I know I see a lot more of them than when I was working full time. We are both loving seeing our baby develop unlike with our eldest who we’d collect from nursery and they’d inform us of his latest development, which was always pretty soul destroying. We are naturally tired from having young children but not completely shattered from both working full time in a school at a relentless pace. 

We have a work-life balance and loving it!