I was drawn to WomenEd by its mission statement. This is an empowering group that amplifies the voices of women – those who have not felt heard and of those who need to be heard. It is a fantastic organisation that promotes inclusivity, wherever you are in the country, from a variety of social and diverse backgrounds and supporters from the #heforshe community. It also includes people from different professional positions, regardless of whether they are teachers, former or current leaders or aspiring future leaders. All come to WomenEd events to inspire and be inspired.

So why join WomenEd now? Aren’t we in the 21st Century? Do we really need an organisation that empowers women, promotes women’s rights and highlights inequalities? Yes, yes and YES! Think PIES!

daily mail
Political: Regardless of your political leaning it is clear that as women we have come a long way in politics. Yet this week we get this as front page of the Daily Mail below. WomenEd shines a light on #everydaysexism.

International: Trump, POTUS & the most prominent misogynist in the world. ‘A 2015 survey by the National Journal found that “several” male members of Congress will not meet or drive one-on-one with their female staffers.’ Can you imagine if a woman said that? How long would she be in a job? What if a Muslim man said that? Can you imagine the uproar?? WomenEd highlights discriminations.

pay inequ
Economic: We do the same jobs as men yet we are doing it for less! Many women need training in this area to learn to be brave and negotiate. WomenEd can support and train you in these areas.

Social: Something is seriously wrong in a society when a man can hit his wife over the back with a cricket bat, force her to drink bleach and virtually get away with it because the judge thinks the wife is not ‘vulnerable’ as she has a degree. WomenEd highlights injustices within education and beyond.

What about the education sector? There is a recruitment crisis in schools, yet there is also a brain drain of women who are parents leaving the profession as flexible working is not part of the culture. There also seems to be a lack of knowledge of maternity pay, rights and return to work. WomenEd with the #mtptproject can come up with solutions to make changes that would be beneficial to all in education.

Last year I moved to Bournemouth from London. I chose to get involved in the regional meet as I would like to meet some fantastic local sheroes and #heforshe professionals. I recently attended the Coventry unconference and it was THE most inspired I have ever been in my career! I would love for professionals in the local community to be just as inspired.

In Southampton, I am jointly running a workshop with Colin Taylor ‘Lessons in Leadership – Speaking from Experience’. Between us we have so manySecond Flyer Image.001, many (!) years of experience. I have 15 years’ leadership expertise working in challenging London schools. Colin has 16 years’ wisdom as a head teacher in the South East. Both Colin and I are now Education Consultants and Coaches and want to share the good and bad of what we have learned. It would be beneficial to so many to hear our stories, what worked for us, perhaps, more importantly what didn’t but also consider the issues that came along to ‘make us or break us’.

emma watson be braveI absolutely love the rallying call for this year to ‘be bold for change’ and ‘10% braver.’ I know it has given a number of women the confidence to take a leap of faith.

So, come on! Join us at WomenEd Southampton on Saturday 6th May.


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